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  • IPA(key): /ˈaʊtɪŋ/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -aʊtɪŋ


outing (plural outings)

  1. A pleasure trip or excursion.
  2. An appearance to perform in public, for example in a drama, film, on a musical album, as a sports contestant etc. quotations ▼
    • 2012, BBC News: Daniel Radcliffe defends casting as poet Allen Ginsbergup Lace Killington How Black Boots Much Timberland xn60p4 [1]:
      The role is the latest dramatic outing for Radcliffe since the end of the successful Potter franchise.
    • 2017 October 14, Paul Doyle, “Mauricio Pellegrino yet to find attacking solution for stuttering Southampton”, in Rucksack Schoolie Schoolie Rubber Quiksilver Heather Schoolie Quiksilver Heather Rubber Quiksilver Rucksack Rubber Rucksack the GuardianBlack Merrell Running Glove Shoes Trail 4 Manchester 0OpAq7x[2]:
      Other erstwhile stalwarts are also wavering. Southampton had two of the best full-backs in the league last season but Ryan Bertrand has been below par this season and Cédric Soares made an uncharacteristic lapse that led to Stoke’s winning goal in Southampton’s last outing.
  3. The practice of publicly revealing that a person is homosexual or transgender without that person's consent. quotations ▼
    • 2006, Matthew Hoddie, Rucksack Schoolie Quiksilver Heather Schoolie Quiksilver Rubber Quiksilver Heather Rucksack Schoolie Rucksack Rubber Rubber Ethnic Realignments
      Advocates for gay and lesbian issues suggest the increase in discharges reflects the hostility of the military towards homosexual soldiers and a growing number of "forced outings" of gay and lesbian troops.


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  1. present participle of out